10 carry-on essentials we can’t live without

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Packable snacks 

Relying on the airport to provide you with snacks is a thing of the past. While I love a bag of hot Cheetos as much as the next gal, travelling as frequently as I do, I needed a solution to be able to stay healthy while on the move. A quick trip to Whole Foods the day before is a life saver! Some of my favorites are Siete grain free tortilla chips, dried mango and dark chocolate and peanut butter Perfect bars. 

Portable charger 


Low Battery 

10% battery remaining. 

We’ve all been there, forgetting to charge your phone the night before a flight, rushing through the airport trying to find a glimpse of an outlet to get juuuust a little more juice before getting on the flight. We highly recommend investing in a portable charger to avoid this! This is also a top reason we love the AWAY brand so much as they are built into the luggage, genius, right? I know you must be thinking, if I can’t remember to charge my phone, how will I remember to charge yet another device, well… you can charge this puppy days before you’re set to leave and it will stay at 100% until you’re ready to go. 

Water bottle 


Like everyone in the world, I make a weekly promise to myself to drink more water. This is particularly difficult while travelling and not wanting to spend $8-10 on a plastic bottle. Carrying a reusable water bottle has been a godsend and a great reminder to stay hydrated. The vast majority of airports have filtered water fountains for easy access and refills. 

Summer Fridays Jet lag mask 

While you don’t have to be a jetsetter to use this product, it is particularly helpful to aid in skin hydration for those red eye flights that lead straight into a long day at work. This product is a sure way to upgrade your skin to business class! 

Kiehl’s lip balm 

Whether I’m going to grab coffee or heading to the airport, this lip balm is the one thing I never leave my house without. Kiehls is a leader in the market for me, it provides a rich moisture in a variety of flavors – perfect for those dry aircraft cabins. 

Tatcha luminous skin mist 

This silky fine moisturizing mist can be used under or over makeup for dewy glowing skin anytime, anywhere. Great to wake you up after that in-flight nap. 

Noise cancelling headphones 


This one is self-explanatory, headphones you can put on to shut the world out. We’ve all been on a flight with numerous crying babies or two ‘chatty Cathies’ to your right, NO THANK YOU! I recently invested in the Beats Solo3 wireless headphones and they are so comfortable and lightweight you can almost forget they’re over your head. These are also a perfect pairing to the next item on the list… 

The Netflix app 

What a way to pass the time… 12-hour flight, or 5 hour delay, no problem! The ingenious design of the Netflix app means that you can download any binge-worthy series or movie, so you don’t need signal or Wi-Fi to watch! ‘Emily in Paris’ is one I’ve just finished – a great easy watch. A quick google search of ‘best shows on Netflix’ before every flight will leave you wishing the flight was longer so you can keep binging. Top tip: download these before you leave home while on Wi-Fi, the downloading process can sometimes be long without it. 

A good book 

In a world that is as busy as ever, it sometimes feels near to impossible to find a couple hours to snuggle up with a good book and just get lost in the pages. I’ve found that a long flight is the perfect opportunity, especially for those thought-provoking books that keep my mind whirring. 

Truffle travel pouches 


A sure-fire way to keep your carry-on organized and this brand is one of our favorites. Its sleek and simple design pairs perfectly with our travel style. You can also carry it alone to avoid having to pack another clutch in your suitcase. They come in different sizes and we have them all. We especially love the medium size as it is perfect for holding your phone, wallet and go-to red lipstick.





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Relying on the airport to provide you with snacks is a thing of the past. While I love a bag of hot Cheetos as much as the next gal, travelling as frequently as I do, I needed a solution to be able to stay healthy while on the move.

10 carry-on essentials we can’t live without

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