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Tips, Tricks & Travel Hacks – How to pack like a pro

It’s that time again Travel Tribe. Finally. I’m sitting at my desk staring at a fun filled multi-day itinerary for an upcoming FAM (familiarization) trip to Jackson Hole, WY.

In pre-pandemic world, I typically started packing 24 hours prior to my flight. Let’s face it, in pre-pandemic world I was averaging at least 2 trips/4 flights a month = 24+ trips a year; so the time-management for outfit pre-planning was slim. Now…since this is the first trip (plane) I’ve been on since June, I’ve changed up my pre-flight process & have already started laying out outfits a whopping 5 days before. Who dis?

So as I started to plan out my outfits by activity type in the itinerary, I figured it was about time I shared some of my tried & tested packing hacks; learned over the countless travel miles I’ve accumulated. A lot of this was trial & error because although there are “countless” packing how-do videos & articles, I never cared to take the time to read through them all.

TIP #1


Even if you aren’t a planner, this will make your overall packing process go by a lot smoother. Outlining your outfits by day & anticipated weather will help narrow down your choices. Don’t have a pre-set itinerary you say? No bother, pack according to the weather & the vibe of your trip. Is it for business? Casual? Vacay? Lots of dinners? Early morning hikes? Coordinating your outfits instead of throwing in your most-loved pieces & hoping they work well together on arrival, will not only help your sanity but your back as well. Trust me, I’ve heaved overweight luggage into the overhead cabin WAY too many times to count.

TIP #2


One of the most popular questions in travel…”do you fold or roll?” Saving space is the KEY to our brand motto, “Pack Light, Travel Deep.” And trust me Travel Tribe, if you want to pack light, then I HIGHLY suggest packing cubes. Now, you can easily swipe some up on & get a good set for around $15-20 USD. The overall investment is fairly low for the amount of mileage you’ll get from these babies.

My personal fave is by a company called Bag-all (linked above). They have everything from organizing bags, travel bags, padded cases, gift bags, tote bags, wine bags, laundry bags, garment bags and more… Plus they have a few storefront locations around the world (NYC is their flagship). It’s my go-to because the quality is crazy good & I liked the option to personalize my set. (When you travel professionally & consistently it’s the little things that matter).

SO, you’ve got yourself a set of cubes & a pile of clothes to smush them into, what next? Roll up those sleeves & literally ROLL your clothes. There are a couple of reasons this is better than flat-laying them. 1. Rolling alleviates the chance of unpacking a suitcase full of wrinkles. 2. It really does allow for a couple more outfits to be tucked away into the cubes. *Pro-tip: as you’re rolling your clothes up, roll up a few dryer sheets in there. Keeps your clothes fresh to grab on arrival + when you need to repack the dirties to take home, throw them back in to keep your luggage smelling like a bouquet of flowers instead of a bouquet of socks.

TIP #3


This is especially true if you are NOT checking a bag at the airport. Anything you bring with you (whether it’s your personal bag or carry-on), cannot have liquids over 3 fluid oz. I can guarantee you that most of your daily bathroom items can be found at the destination you’re traveling to, in case you forgot it at home. Don’t overthink the necessities. What has worked for me is literally putting all the products I use on a daily basis on top of the bathroom sink. Do an inventory into what you absolutely need & what might be used for more of a vanity purpose. (Yes I’m talking about my handfuls of overnight masks, foot creams, aromatherapy sprays, etc.).

Once you have assessed what needs to come, check the bottle sizes & adjust accordingly. Transfer liquids into travel size containers & throw them into a toiletries safe bag (meaning it’s made of water-resistant material that can be easily wiped down in case of a spill.

TIP #4

Lay out electronics & other “wired” items separately

All of our electronics need cords & access to plugs so make sure that you have all your connectors. If you’re traveling abroad double-check the voltage. One of the reasons we heart AWAY luggage is that you get a travel kit of all converters with your purchase of a large luggage set (score)! *Pro-tip: Only take what you absolutely NEED. I have lugged far too many electronics with me that end up taking up way too much room & weight. (I mean…there really isn’t a need for your iPad + computer unless you are heavy into video or graphic design editing on the go).

TIP #5


I have invested more money into super expensive & well-known luggage brands…only to have them get ripped up & battered in a matter of months. Remember, we travel practically weekly so if the luggage you have can’t get thrown around the belly of the plane a couple times, you’ll be buying more pieces for yourself than a family of 4 would use. Enter: AWAY. Not only has this luggage literally been beat up by airplanes, trains, buses, unpaved roads, jetways, etc. it literally costed me a fraction of what I spent on the fancy stuff. The accessories + add-ons can get pricey (do you want a standard set or battery optimized) so play around with the options before making your final selection. Battery optimized was key for me in charging my phone, camera, etc. on the go. *Pro-tip: You’ll need to pop-out that battery power bank prior to boarding & stick it in your personal bag…most airlines will not let you through TSA check points or board the plane with the battery in place.

TIP #6


I’d be lying to myself & you if I said that I could fit everything I need into a carry-on. Not happening…BUT I refuse to check a bag unless I absolutely have to. That being said, I needed to find a personal bag that I could stack on-top of my carry-on that would fit any remaining items. There are a lot out there & my favorite happens to be from a company called Lo & Sons.

This company was suggested to me on IG (Instagram) & I have to say, it was one of the best social media sponsored ad purchases I have made. The Catalina Deluxe is ideal for me to store any extra pairs of shoes + electronics + files for easy access & to free up space in my carry-on. So, if you find yourself sitting on your luggage to close it…do yourself & your luggage a favor & check out these travel friendly bags that will help manage the load.

I could go on & on with additional tips BUT honestly this is the foundation of what you’ll need to get everything in your luggage…quicker & more efficiently.

I’m beyond excited to head to the airport next week & you bet we will be taking you along every step of the way. Want to follow us on our journey from airport to destination & back again? Check us out on our channels below & join our tribe!








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It’s that time again Travel Tribe. Finally. I’m sitting at my desk staring at a fun filled multi-day itinerary for am upcoming FAM (familiarization) trip to Jackson Hole, WY.

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