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With that, Kristen has said that she's been part of the "booking process" since before she was born. These days, she helps manage a dynamic team with a passion for storytelling & strategic marketing in the hospitality space.

Phyllis Sauter was pregnant with her daughter, current CEO Kristen Moore while working as a reservationist for an airline.

Travel is in our blood

In the before COVID world, or as I like to call it BC (before COVID), most hotels were able to amble along by sitting back and waiting for the booking requests to roll into their inbox. In a post-COVID world, the booking requests aren’t necessarily falling into those inboxes. Teams are going to have to find business through their own methods & likely the competitive landscape is going to be vastly more crowded than many anticipated.

Over the years I have made a short-list, by city, of my absolute favorite hotels. These hotels have made traveling for work a little bit easier & a bit more indulgent. Now that we aren’t traveling for the time being, I decided to re-create the hotel experience (or should I say hotel amenities) that I’ve missed while being on the road.

Relying on the airport to provide you with snacks is a thing of the past. While I love a bag of hot Cheetos as much as the next gal, travelling as frequently as I do, I needed a solution to be able to stay healthy while on the move.

This past February I embarked on an epic adventure down the east coast to visit family. My original intention was to head over to the theme parks following family-time to enjoy a few days nerding out; especially since it’s no secret I am both a Harry Potter & Star Wars fan.