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Stepping into Jackson Hole for the first time I wasn’t really sure what to expect when it came to their cuisine.

Would I be living off of mysterious animals for the next week? I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised by the different cultures running through this little town’s restaurant scene, craving Japanese? They’ve got it. Mexican? They’ve got it. Old school country western? They’ve definitely got that. P.S. if you’re not up for the challenge of tasting Elk or Bison, don’t worry, we did it for you, and they are DELICIOUS.


It’s no shock to anyone who knows the DOD team that we LOVE tequila and all things Mexican. So, when we heard whispers of a great Mexican restaurant in Jackson Hole, Wyoming we simple HAD to check it out! This is a good point to note that we were sat down at Hatch Taqueria with a pitcher of spicy margaritas and a molcajete of guacamole less than an hour after landing, we do not mess around. We went for a family style sharing concept since the tacos came in pairs and we wanted to try them all (or close enough). The menu boasts an array of tacos that are as authentic as they can come like the al pastor and some with a Western flare like the BBQ pulled pork which was a winner in my books. We do need to give special mention to the ‘verduras a la plancha’ which made me completely change my mind when it comes to vegetarian tacos – I didn’t miss the meat for a second as the perfectly grilled cauliflower took center stage, all I have to say is WOW.

FIGS – Hotel Jackson

Mediterranean food has always been a personal favorite of mine, it’s that type of cuisine where you feel as if you’re being transported thousands of miles with each bite. FIGS did not miss a beat when it came to authenticity of their Lebanese dishes. That is likely to do with the owning family’s rich heritage that can also be felt throughout the entire hotel. We ate here multiple times throughout our stay and the food is consistently divine. If you’re travelling in a group, go together so you can try close to everything on the menu! The lamb kebabs off the grill, falafel and halloumi salad were the standout dishes for me. PAUSE, the pita bread also deserves a special mention as the chef creates pillowy magic – think light, fluffy, airy and a little crisp all at the same time! If you don’t want to take my word for it, An article in The Washington Post says FIGS has the best hummus in the state, so go check it out… ASAP. 


Before I even stepped into Orsetto the divine smell of the fresh bread and garlic swooned through the air and as soon as you step in, the warm vibe pulls you in further. We were seated quickly with warm hospitality and shown a very extensive all-Italian wine list. Our waitress had great knowledge of the menu and was able to guide us to fit the flavor profile we were looking for as well as the price point. As much as I go out to eat and indulge in wine, I am definitely not a wine connoisseur, so this was much appreciated! I would highly recommend attacking this menu family style, the starters and shared plates are the showstoppers and if you’re feeling adventurous and in the mood for something local, order their take on a Bolognese – instead of the classic beef they’re mixing it up to include bison, elk and boar! It is just as hearty as it sounds but PACKED with flavor. This would be one of my top recommendations to go back to with the family. 


After an early morning and long day exploring the depths of The Grand Teton National Park and the nature and wildlife it had to offer, we were in the mood for something to warm our insides! Kristen had previously tried this spot for sushi and had nothing but great things to say about it, but this time we were going to take on their ramen. Being based in NYC, my expectations of ramen are particularly high as this is a staple in my diet through the winter months. We both went with the shoyu ramen on the menu, which is the more traditional of the two. There was also an option to add a spicy sesame oil which we took full advantage of for $1 and in my opinion made the entire dish and it shouldn’t be served without it. It gave the hearty soup a needed punch of flavor. The pork served in the soup was extremely tender and I loved the addition of the seaweed paper for an added texture and flavor. 

Bin 22 

Bin 22 is a great mid-shop break whilst hopping through the many little boutiques that Jackson Hole boasts. Step into a store front boasting wines from across the globe and in the back,  they have nestled a little indoor/outdoor dining spot where you can enjoy the bottle you’ve just purchased perfectly paired with a charcuterie board or any of the items from their small plates menu. WARNING: we had every intention to make this a quick stop, yet we ended up chatting and sipping wine for over 3 hours! It is just so cozy! 


Do you ever dream of pastries? No? That’s just me? I figured… Well, Persephone is a carb-lovers haven. Be prepared to wait in a line that stretches around the block but that is only a testament to how truly delicious the sweet and savory pastries are that wait inside for you. The line does move very quickly so don’t be deterred by it! I went with the ham & cheese croissant that was staring at me from the moment I got inside and a Nutella banana bread for dessert, and yes, breakfast dessert, it’s a thing in my books! After the world going crazy over banana bread during quarantine I thought I would never want to look at another one as long as I lived, yet it did not take much convincing for me to dive head first into this buttery, moist dessert! 


The passion of the chefs flow through this little bistro. The perfect date night spot right in the heart of the town. Start by cheers-ing with one of their delicious curated cocktails, the drinks list is packed with infusions that add a twist on some of the classics, the blood orange margaritas might be one of my favorite cocktails ever! We chose to split the Coppa Piccante pizza which was the perfect blend of sweet, salty and spicy, as well as an arugula salad to add a fresh bite. The chefs creativity and appreciation for diverse cuisines is evident throughout the menu in dishes such as the blue cheese waffle fries and BLT soup! 

As a self-proclaimed foodie/world traveler I will most certainly be back to explore more of Jackson Hole’s bustling food scene! Please also feel free to send me any restaurant & specific dish recommendations to check out. 

Until then Travel Tribe, 

Continue to pack light & travel deep… 





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Stepping into Jackson Hole for the first time I wasn’t really sure what to expect when it came to their cuisine.

First Class Foodie – Jackson Hole, WY